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With over 30 years experience in the construction industry, we strive for excellence in the design and construction of everything we do. We take on the smallest to the largest residential projects with the greatest respect for the customer and the quality of our craftsmanship.

Contracting Services

Go Solar Plus is a full service, fully insured residential contractor, ready to take on the easiest to the toughest of jobs with a holistic approach to making your home beautiful, efficient and healthy. Get Your Free Quote

Solar PV microFIT

Put Solar panels on your home and sell the generated electricity to your hydro company with up to 14% yearly return. With the province of Ontario’s, ‘Green Energy Act’, and the microFIT program, Go Solar Plus offers guaranteed and lucrative opportunities for Ontarians to invest in clean, renewable energy resources, with generous returns. We provide do it yourself or full turnkey solar system solutions to best fit your needs. Make Go Solar Plus your solar installer today. Get Your Free Quote

Solar PV – off grid

Off grid solar is a way of providing electricity without use of the hydro grid whereby clean energy is collected from the sun. Put an off grid system on your home, workshop, cottage or barn and say good by to costly hydro bills. You can make your own electricity and get away from dirty coal, natural gas and nuclear energy that the grid currently supplies you. Make Go Solar Plus your solar supplier today. Get Your Free Quote

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal hot water evacuated tubes work in cold weather making them perfect for year round heating in Canada’s cold climate. Solar water heaters for indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzis and hot tubs save money and extend your swimming season. Solar thermal systems can be used for in-floor heating or radiators, thus saving you money during the summer and winter. It can also be used for cooling your home in the summer. Make Go Solar Plus your solar expert today. Get Your Free Quote

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us:


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At Go Solar Plus we consider a Solar Spill to be a Good Thing.

Go Solar Pickering Commission

Photo complements of Stop Darlington and Greenpeace Canada

See Go Solar at the Pickering Nuclear Commission hearings on You Tube.

We care about our environment.

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